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The FOCREM S.p.a. foundry was established in 1958 on the initiative of its founder, CARLO CREMONA, who had already been working in the industry since 1948. FOCREM rapresents an evolution that ha spanned 60 years of the experience it has gathered in the mechanical and metallurgical sector. With his pioneering spirit and demonstrating a strategic far-sightedness, in 1958 Carlo Cremona transferred the company to its current headquarters in Magnago (Varese), Italy, which was at that time a wooded area. Today the FOCREM S.p.a. foundry is directly run by its founder and chairman, CARLO CREMONA, and his sons EMILIO and MARIO, who, ad directors of the company, directly manage specific areas.



Panoramic view

From 1958 to 1980, the company's two activities expanded at round the same pace: manual castings then made with sands and argillaceous loams, and automated moulding castings made with traditional moulding machines having flasks measuring up to 1000 x 1200 x 600 mm. The company's work force has totalied ad many ad 80 employees. Later, as the market's evolution demanded, FOCREM S.p.a. specialised in several secotr for manual casting while it increasingly expanded its service in the automated sector. All of this was accomplished by constantry gearing the company's plants and quality research and increasing the qualitative range of the cast irons it produces.

The work it has performed and its constant growth over the years is evident to its customers, who have always had utmpst faith in the company. This faith is based on the level of quality FOCREM has attained and on the aknowledgements it has received from the various national industrial associations that call upon FOCREM to actively collaborate in their activities. FOCREM will always hold fast these objectives. Its constant spirit of serving its customers, its quality and its design consulting services will be the foundation of its future goals.

The Foundry FOCREM was founded in 1950 and it has nowadays the structure of a Limited Company, whose share capital is entirely in the hand of the Family Cremona.

Area: 21.000 sq. m whereof 11.800 covered
Electric Power: 4.000 KW
Production Capacity: 12.000 ton/year of production of spheroidal, grey and special iron castings from 5 to 20.000 kg each
Employees: 50
Market Products: raw castings for mechanical industry, industrial vehicles, earth-moving machines, agricultural machines; pumps, gear boxes, axles, bedplates for hydraulic presses, heads bedplates and colums of machine tools, turbine frames, big valves for piping etc...
Technical Department: study, project and design of the tooling through CAD/CAM; computer simulation of the production cycle and 3D dimensional scanning
Certification: certification ISO 9001:2008.
Machining: our foundry could provide castings, machined with machine tools.


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