Automatic molding installation Savelli with Form- Impress molding for mould boxes size 900 x 700 x h (300 + 250), with a centralized supervision system. Line with a production capacity of 120 flasks/hour, including the possibility of mould assembly both in the superior and inferior mold. The mouvement with electrical brush-less engine grants a considerable recover of energy, that is employed for the running of the plants.

Green Sand Reconditioning Plant completely automatic with an intensive mixer of 5000 kg and with the automatic control of the main parameters (sand moisture, compactability and temperature with Hartley).

Nodular Iron Wire Process controlled by automatic machine and PC.

Production of castings from 5 to 120 kg, max. dimension 700x500 h.400.


Continuos Mixer with capacity up to 20 tons/hour.

Bridge Cranes with capacity up to 25 tons allow the handling of big castings.

Flasks of different dimension up to 11 x 5 m h. 3 m.

Nodular Iron Process made by wire through an automatic machine, designed for the treatment of big liquid iron quantity, controlled by PC.

Lost Foam Prototypal Technology.

Production of castings up to 20 tons, also for Lost Foam castings.


2 main frequency coreless induction furnace type CIME, 28 tons each, power 3000 KW, frequency 50 Hz.

1 main frequency coreless induction furnace type CIME, 6 tons, power 1000 KW, frequency 50 Hz.

Automatic Pressure Pouring Furnace CAP-CIME 4 tons in inert atmosphere, equipped with electronic management and flow-check with a camera.


SolidWorks and Solidcast Softwares: all the patterns and castings are studied and designed by our Technical.


Automatic coreshooter, cold-box process of 40 litres.

Automatic coreshooter, cold box process SPAG 25.

Automatic coreshooter, cold box process 15 litres.



Our Foundry uses external modern pattern shops, equipped with machines tools for the building up of aluminium and high density resin patterns. The Foundry has also an internal pattern department, equipped for the maintenance of all patterns.

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